Thinking Into Results

Change Your Thoughts... Change Your RESULTS!

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Your thoughts create your behaviors, which creates your habits, which ultimately create your results. Becoming aware of your thoughts was the first step – but then realized most of our thoughts have us running on autopilot…. without ever thinking.

We all know we have bad habits. We say to ourselves “why did I do that?” or “I know… I know… I shouldn’t do that”. These patterns are the ones that keep you STUCK. You can work so hard at improving your life but you still fall short every time.

Our automatic thinking is keeping you wired to where you are, your undesirable results. These are the thoughts you MUST change. When you do, life STOPS becoming a “daily struggle” and STARTS flowing with ease to what you desire. It’s like a light was turned on in a very dark room. You can see so CLEAR

But trying to change your automatic thinking or even identifying those thoughts alone can be an upward battle. But, you don’t have to do it alone.

“You become what you think about.” Earl Nightingale

Transform your thoughts into RESULTS

Thinking into Results is an intensive coaching program developed by world-renowned success expert Bob Proctor (co-star on The Secret) and business partner and company co-founder Sandy Gallagher from Proctor and Gallagher Institute. It is based on over 55 years of research and study of the science of success and human potential and has been used by individuals and corporations all around the world to achieve dramatic fast results.

This step-by-step system is designed to facilitate positive, astounding, permanent changes in your life.

  • BELIEVE in yourself by identifying your ideal life and goals with clarity. You must know where you are going in order to make these permanent life changes. Have an image that is clear and concise of where you are going in the first step to your success. Thinking into Results will give you the understanding and empowerment to KNOW that you can, be, do, and have whatever you desire.


  • EMPOWER you to root those seeds of positive thought (your goals) into your subconscious mind. We all have those “inner battles” in our minds. That is the conflict between our conscious and subconscious mind. You may think “I want to be free of financial burdens!” in your conscious mind, while your subconscious mind states “Money is the root of all evil.” To make permanent changes you must plant your thoughts into the subconscious mind. With Thinking into Results, we identify and eliminate those thoughts of doubt and lack, and replace them with thoughts that match your desired results.


  • SUCCEED! Your goals flow through you with ease and result in endless abundance. Hopeless feelings that the world is against you and you can never make it ahead is a thought from the past. The universe is here to provide all that you desire. Thinking into Results teaches you how to use the universal tools we are all born to operate with to reach an unlimited flow of abundance in ALL areas of your life.

What Do You Desire For Your Future?

  • Eliminate Debt
  • Improve Health
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Start your own business
  • Build your own wealth

… with Thinking into Results you CAN and WILL achieve all that you desire. If you can show me what you want… I can show you how to get it!

This is one of the MOST profound and extraordinary personal transformation program today. I was always looking for the missing link, the piece to the puzzle that would make me realize how beautiful life truly is. I personally train with Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher, and their team as a facilitator to bring to you the missing link you need to create the life you always envisioned.

“It doesn’t matter where you are, you are nowhere compared to where you can go.”
-Bob Proctor

Course Curriculum

What's included?

25 Videos
38 PDFs
Sarah Breen
Sarah Breen
Mindset Coach

About the instructor

Sarah is an Intuitive Mindset Coach specializing in uncovering one's true potential while embracing their true self.  Guided by her intuition and greater understanding of timeless information passed down through the centuries, she provides a simplified understanding, approach, and techniques to magnify yourself, thus leading you to greater results. 

She remains humble, knowing that life is all about seeking out one's true happiness in life. No matter how long you may study yourself... growth is a choice. Happiness is finding the core of you.

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This program is designed to accompany with a mentor for 1-on-1 guidance to creating and executing a roadmap for success!

Learning and applying these skills will set you up to solve anything life may throw your way.

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